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  • Collido Collido 1373 Plays 2 stars Collapse smiley blocks in a fun match3 game with two game modes.
  • Be Smiled Be Smiled 1697 Plays 1 stars Make rows of three or more smiley to remove them from the playing area.
  • More 'N' More More 'N' More 1063 Plays 0 stars Click on a group of smiles to remove them as much as possible for one move.
  • Smiley Difference 2 Smiley Difference 2 2707 Plays 3 stars The funniest Spot the Differences game is back with a sports edition! Find the differences in 6
  • That Way That Way 669 Plays 5 stars Physics puzzle, move shapes to get the smiley to the stars.
  • Aqua Dudes Aqua Dudes 1640 Plays 3 stars Drop the aqua dudes so that they all end up happy with there place in the water. Some link to
  • Smiley Tracer Smiley Tracer 1318 Plays 4 stars Complete the shapes by drawing lines .Click on one of the smiley and draw line from one smiley point
  • Smiley Jump Mania Smiley Jump Mania 2797 Plays 4 stars That's fun, a smiley version of arkanoid! Make the smiley bounce on the springboard and make it hit
  • Smiley Bouncing Smiley Bouncing 2123 Plays 1 stars This is a very fun puzzle game for both girls and boys to play. There are many different types of
  • Smiley Up Smiley Up 2047 Plays 3 stars Place items on the stage. Don't let smiley down.Use your objects to keep the happy face from
  • Smiley Race Smiley Race 1960 Plays 1 stars This game is a little bit like pool or billiards, you must use the red ball, to knock all of the
  • Smiley Showdown Smiley Showdown 2890 Plays 2 stars A fun chain reaction game where you get to blow up thousands of smileys!!!
  • Hidden Smileys Hidden Smileys 1810 Plays 2 stars Find out all the smileys, which are hidden in different locations. Click to see its funny emotions.
  • Smiley Burst Smiley Burst 1555 Plays 0 stars The objective of this puzzle game, is to pass each level by creating as many chain link as possible.
  • Everybody Edits Everybody Edits 4772 Plays 4 stars Join a room that has other people editing the level. Explore and mess around in each new room.
  • Dudes and Dudettes Dudes and Dudettes 997 Plays 0 stars As your smiley bounces around the map, touch the colors and objects needed to make items disappear.
  • Fox N Roll 2 Fox N Roll 2 1413 Plays 4 stars Click the right blocks to delete them and make the ball touch the fox. Don't let either fall off.
  • Smiley battle Smiley battle 1936 Plays 4 stars A game that puts the quickness of your reaction to the test. In the red bar below, you'll see a
  • Smiley Blast Smiley Blast 1078 Plays 1 stars Your target in this game is to clear all the smileys from the scene using the smileys available in
  • Happy Spaceball Happy Spaceball 1268 Plays 1 stars Aliens are after you! Collect as much popcorn and then disappear through the ring to the next level.
  • Brain Vita Brain Vita 1335 Plays 1 stars The objective of the game is to remove all the Smileys but for a single smiley in the grid. If there
  • Emotimatch Emotimatch 1229 Plays 3 stars Align 3 or more similar emoticons to eliminate them.
  • High Smilie High Smilie 1742 Plays 4 stars Make the smiley bird to jump successfully from the cars by using the mouse control. You will be
  • Smiley Chess Smiley Chess 4164 Plays 0 stars Try your best to win a chess game versus a bad smily.
  • Smiley Gone Mad Smiley Gone Mad 1538 Plays 1 stars Try to survive for as long as you can, surrounded by numerous enemies, like zombies, penguins armed
  • Angry Faic Angry Faic 1563 Plays 3 stars Get massive combo's by bouncing off faces
  • 13 Phobia 13 Phobia 1394 Plays 1 stars Choose the turn and play game with computer. Take turns with mouse key to select smiley from the
  • John Citizen John Citizen 2243 Plays 5 stars as an extraterrestrial alien wipe out the polluting unfit human race.
  • Smileys War Smileys War 1729 Plays 5 stars Shoot the other smileys. Feel similar to Unreal Flash. Grab those weapons!

Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile. Inspired primarily by a sketch of stylized wingless birds, the game was first released for Apple's iOS in December 2009. Since that time, over 12 million copies of the game have been purchased from Apple's App Store, which has prompted the company to design versions for other touchscreen-based smartphones, such as those using the Android operating system, among others.

In the game, players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playfield. As players advance through the game, new birds appear, some with special abilities that can be activated by the player. Rovio Mobile has supported Angry Birds with numerous free updates that add additional game content, and the company has even released stand-alone holiday and promotional versions of the game.

Angry Birds has been praised for its successful combination of addictive gameplay, comical style, and low price. Its popularity led to versions of Angry Birds being created for personal computers and gaming consoles, a market for merchandise featuring its characters and even long-term plans for a feature film or television series. With a combined 200 million downloads across all platforms and including both regular and special editions, the game has been called "one of the most mainstream games out right now", "one of the great runaway hits of 2010", and "the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far".

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